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Segal & Partners Inc.

Financial difficulties can arise at any time for a number of different reasons. Sometimes an individual or a company needs professional help or counselling to deal with their financial difficulties. At Segal & Partners Inc., we are sensitive to your situation. We take the time to understand your problems, and then we work with you to develop an appropriate solution. more Toronto Bankruptcies-Trustees

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Geary and Company Ltd.

Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal are processes designed by our Federal Government to HELP YOU get a Fresh Start! more Toronto Bankruptcies-Trustees

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Harris & Partners Inc.

Who can you trust? Count on us...because we care! more Markham Bankruptcies-Trustees

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Alger & Associates

Come into one of our 4 Calgary locations for a free consultation. If you need financial help, have credit card debts, are having trouble keeping up with your payments, we can help! Let's review all of your options, including financial proposals to your creditors, credit counselling services, meeting with your banker, and filing bankruptcy. more Calgary Bankruptcies-Trustees

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Bdo Dunwoody

At BDO Dunwoody, we work with clients like you to build their business. How? By being a national accounting services and advisory firm that offers a breadth of expertise, innovative thinking, and valuable insight to every client who walks through our doors. BDO Dunwoody is one of Canada’s largest accounting services firms with roots that extend back over eight decades. It all started in the early 1920s when Colonel James M. Dunwoody opened his first office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 1965, after decades of steady expansion in Western Canada, Dunwoody became truly national when it opened offices in Northern Ontario. Meanwhile, around the same time, Ward Mallette, a dynamic Quebec firm based in Montreal, was on its own path of growth. By the 1990s, the two firms came together to create Canada’s sixth largest accounting services firm. The union also consolidated the firm’s affiliation with BDO International, a global network of national accounting firms. Today, BDO has 95 offices across Canada, with 1,200 professionals and over 300 partners. BDO’s services run from assurance, accounting and taxation services to financial advisory and corporate recovery. Whether it’s bringing your tax load down to the minimum, preparing financial statements the marketplace can trust, or helping you overcome financial hurdles, BDO is the accounting services firm for you. more Mississauga Bankruptcies-Trustees